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  1. Does the Clearance of a name has to take years….
    Can you be serious for once and restore our confidence in you.

  2. MY name clearance application has been reverted 7 times on Government Services Bus. The system keeps indicating that I should add a descriptive title, eg enterprise, trading, general dealers. At first I thought the names already existed (more than 10 unique names proposed0, so i called your customer service number and i was told the name is just okay, i should add the descriptive title as advised. Nomba mwebantu shuwa, how can i add General Dealers to a Management Consultancy firm? What criteria do you use for clearing proposed names because a simple search of your registry on indicates that there are companies registered without such descriptive titles that you are insisting on, e.g., there are companies registered as Chakuti Limited, Soso Limited etc with no description title.
    All the names I proposed do not come up in the registry search and even Uncle Google does not know them and they are not even registeres with Companieshouse UK. They are simple unique names which are not even misleading. Kindly advise what is the new criteria for name clearance on GSB?
    I agree, please take the services back to your old portal, the GSB platform is annoying and frustrating!

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