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For immediate release

The Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) wishes to inform the business community and the general public that it has migrated its registration services from its website to the Government Service Bus (GSB in line with the Government Policy to have all public services on one platform. PACRA has migrated over 20 services to the GSB platform including name clearance and reservation, registration of businesses, request for printouts and filing of annual returns.

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  1. The migration of the pacra systems has literally taken the progress made 10 years back. If the intention was to have payments on one portal, only that service could have been migrated. I cant imagine standardizing all the various govt departmental services to have one look at feel and be able achieve the required customer experience. PACRA is not like you are paying for just a service like RTSA, you are required to file or do specific things that may not be achievable on one government site.
    This could be the the same reason as to why Taxes (ZRA system has not been migrated).

    please reconsider to restore the services back to the pacra page. Alternatively allow for users to have a choice of where to do their payments from. The migration was definitely pre mature as all the services and workflows have not also been migrated.

  2. Secondly, since the portal will not replace the eservices portal which currently houses all immigration online services, but will simply become an additional point for accessing immigration services. Thirdly, under the ZamPortal, the payment options for immigration services will be expanded.

  3. How do search the registry to find out if a particular company name already exists? Your system had that provision and I have failed to locate it on the government services bus.

  4. This migration has sent Pacra backwards. Why change something that was working so we’ll to this complicated system. My advise is you revert to the old system or run parallel until the government system is up and running. We have no time for experiments

    1. Totally agree. Feeling the pain. PACRA onlie was the best on the continent. It is the govt system that was to lined up according to PACRA not the other way around!

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