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Annual Report 2014

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icon Annual Report 2014

Invitation For Bids - February 2015

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icon Tender Document For Online Registraton Project

Notice of Revision of Fees

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The Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) hereby notifies its clients and the general public that it will effect a revision of all the fees charged for its services with effect from Monday, 13th October, 2014. For a list of the new fees, please icon Click Here.

Service Charter

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This Service Delivery Charter constitutes a social pact between PACRA and you our esteemed clients.

The Charter identifies the services PACRA offers and the standards that we believe our clients have the right to expect and receive. It also provides you with a mechanism on how to complain when services do not meet your expectations and how we will handle your complaints.

PACRA is committed to providing public services in a professional, transparent and accountable manner. As such, we intend to make this charter a living document. To this end, PACRA has established a system of monitoring, evaluating and disseminating results of charter implementation. This will be done through independent surveys and consultations with our clients.


Download the full PACRA Client Service Charter here.

Message from Registrar

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Mr. Anthony Bwembya - Registrar

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our new website.The Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA), formerly known as the Patents and Companies Registration Office (PACRO), has now been constituted into a legal entity following the enactment of the PACRA Act No. 15 of 2010.                                                                           

PACRA shall continue carrying out its mandate of regulating businesses and operating a registry for commercial and industrial property rights. As an institution, we remain committed to offering you a service that is second to none. We are continuously investing in our processes with particular emphasis on shortening the period of registration and thereby reducing the cost of doing business. Our vision is to epitomize excellence and professionalism in business registration.

In our quest to offer you optimal service, we have designed this site with you, our client, in mind. While retaining most of the features of the old site, the new site has incorporated new features that facilitate easy navigation and location of needed information.Over and above the various services we offer, the new site also makes provision for you, our valued customer, to e-mail us on any matter of concern to you. Our officers will be available to attend to your concerns.

I wish to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the Government, in particular the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and the general public for their continued support to this institution.

We look forward to serving you better.

‘PACRA, Business Starts Here’

Anthony Bwembya

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